The 1A Auto How-to Videos Car Repair App Is Ready for Downloading

Did you know there’s an app that can help you diagnose problems with your car? If you want to know how to find and fix general, common car problems or ones for specific models, our app can help you with each step. The 1A Auto app has over 15,000 how-to videos. You’ll be able to easily navigate and diagnose parts by your senses, check engine light OBD-II codes, and more for free!

What Is 1A Auto’s App Useful for?

To Empower You with 1A Auto’s How-to Videos

1A Auto’s car repair app will empower you to do your own car repairs. If you run into problems with your car, like an abnormal noise or smell, a check engine light, performance issues, and many more, you can use our app to diagnose and fix them yourself. You’ll be able to search by the symptoms you’re experiencing and narrow down 1A Auto’s library of over 15,000 how-to videos to ones related to your problem.

From there, you can follow the tips or step-by-step instructions in our videos from our expert mechanics and start working on this problem yourself.

You can search by:

  • Your year, make, and model
  • Your senses — seeing, hearing, feeling, or smelling
  • Check engine light codes

What Makes This App Different from the 1A Auto Video Library?

Different Ways to Search and Save 1A Auto’s How-to Videos

Our app will give you 1A Auto’s how-to videos at your fingertips. You can search for and find our how-to videos in a simple and easy way, like by check engine light codes or your senses. You’ll also be able to download the app to your phone, letting you diagnose and fix your car from almost anywhere. Once you have the app, you can also save your favorite videos and your year, make, and model for easy access later.

Who Is the 1A Auto How-to Videos Car Repair App For?

Mechanics and DIYers of All Skill Levels

1A Auto’s app and how-to videos can be used by mechanics and DIYers of all skill levels. It’s especially useful if you’re a novice DIYer and need help with diagnosing and fixing specific issues with your car.

Where Can I Find the 1A Auto How-to Videos Car Repair App?

1A Auto’s how-to videos car repair app is available for free for Android and IOS.

IOS download link:

Android download link:

How to Use the 1A Auto How-to Videos Diagnostic & Car Repair App

Our car repair app will first look for the year, make, and model. If it can’t find a how-to video related to your specific model, the search will show you similar repairs with different generations of that vehicle or vehicles built on the same platform as your car.

Here’s an example of how you can fix a problem like smoke coming from under the hood with our how-to videos and car repair app:

How to fix smoke coming from under the hood with 1A Auto’s how-to video car repair app

  1. Select “Other automotive problems”

    Once you’ve opened the app, select “Other automotive problems”

  2. Select “I See the Problem”

  3. Select “Smoking”

  4. Scroll 1A Auto’s How-to Videos and Select One

    It’s that simple!

You can also search by year, make, and model. Here’s an example of how you can fix a problem like foggy headlights on a 2010 Chevy Silverado.

1. Under “Repair Your Vehicle” select “Add vehicle”

2. Select your year, make, and model and tap “Go!”

3. Select the Video

From there, you can also shop for quality parts from 1A Auto used in the video, use time stamps to jump around the video as you need, and you’ll have access to more like transcripts of the video, tools lists, and our written step-by-step instructions for the repair.

Download the app now for IOS or Android and be prepared for different problems you could have with your car.

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