Gifts for Mechanics, Classic Car Lovers, & Your Favorite Car Guy

Holiday gift guide: Gifts for every car enthusiast on your list!

Do you have someone on your Christmas list who’s crazy about cars? A Dad who’s into classics, an uncle who’s an off-roader, a brother who’s a wannabe racer, or even a kid who likes to crash his Matchbox cars? We have gift ideas for every car lover this holiday season.

Some of the gifts included in this list can be purchased from 1A Auto. However, there are many included that you can buy from another online retailer, such as Amazon or Gamestop.

Gifts for Classic Car Lovers

People who collect classic cars get really attached to them, and why not? Those designs were timeless and bring back a lot of memories. If you know a car enthusiast with a cool classic, why not help them keep it in tip top shape with a new car cover? A car cover can protect the exterior of the car, and a new set of floor mats can help protect the interior.

Some classics are meant to be kept pristine; others beg to be remade in the owner’s image. A custom shift knob is a fun way to spice up the interior of any classic or hot-rod. Skulls are always in fashion, but there’s lots of other options.

Or maybe your mechanic uncle talks wistfully about the one that got away. My Dad had a ’67 Riviera and ’64 Impala back in the day. I have to say, I’m pretty jealous. Since American muscle is a little bit outside my budget, the old man might have to settle for reminiscing vicariously. My Dad Had that Car is a book of photos brochures, and other pieces of automotive history.

Unique Gifts for Car Racers

If you know someone who wishes they were a racing driver, you’ll want to give them some safe ways to indulge their need for speed. There are a lot of great racing games out now, from Gran Turismo Sport, to Forza Horizon 3, to, yes, a new Need for Speed game, Need for Speed: Payback.

A pair of driving loafers or moccasins always makes me feel a little bit like Senna.

I have a Minnetonka pair and, in addition to transforming boring commutes into motoring adventures, these driving moccasins also extremely comfortable – highly recommended as a gift for someone who drives a lot.

Of course, if someone’s really itching to get the lead out, they’ll probably want to hit the track. Autocross is a great introduction to amateur motorsport. Most autocrossers use tape to mark their class and number on their car, but magnetic numbers  are reusable, easy, and don’t grime up your door with glue.

If someone’s already tracking their car, then sooner or later, the modding bug will bite. A performance air intake is a quick and easy way to improve air flow and squeeze out a couple more horsepower. They also sound awesome.

Christmas Gifts Ideas for Car Loving Kids

First, let’s get the obvious out of the way: kids who love cars love Cars. You can’t go wrong getting your car loving child a copy of Disney Pixar’s Cars 3.

Now, let’s be honest, the most fun thing to do with toy cars is to crash them into each other. That’s why the Criss Cross Crash set is obviously the best Hot Wheels track.

Maybe Mom wants the kids to try some more constructive activities (Aww, c’mon Mom). Battat makes a whole collection of take apart vehicles from a roadster to a crane truck. They go together with plastic nuts and bolts and battery powered tools. You’ve got to start them early, and anyway, what kid doesn’t want their own power tools?

On a similar idea, Automoblox are toy cars kids build themselves, but the best part is that the pieces are interchangeable so they can mix and match and make their own new creations. Maybe your kid will be the next Pininfarina

Gifts For Off-Roaders

Off-roaders are kind of like big kids. They like to play in the dirt, and it’s all about cool toys. A set of durable rubber floor liners can definitely help with that dirt problem.

As for toys, light bars are bound to be high on their list. They can help off-roaders see on the trail and they look awesome.

A winch is also a great addition to any off-roading rig. Winches can help you pull yourself out if, say, you get stuck in the mud. Someone who knows their way around a winch could even help out another off-roader in need. We recommend Rugged Ridge winches.

Off-roaders deflate their tires to get more traction on the trail, and then re-inflate them when they get back on the road. Thankfully there are easy deflators and 12 volt inflators that run off the battery on the market.

You probably don’t want your off-roading friend to rollover. A clinometer or inclinometer can help with that. It displays the pitch and roll angle of the vehicle to help the driver keep the rubber side down.

For Truck Guys and Gals

Truck people love to make their trucks their own, whether that means installing practical add-ons or giving it a more aggressive look. Accessories of all sorts make great gifts for truck people.

The right set of fender flares can give any truck a rugged, heavy duty look. They’re also easy to install, making them a great way to upgrade a truck’s appearance. Fender flares help protect against flying dirt and mud, which can help keep trucks looking good even with dirt road or off-road driving. If you really want to be favorite kid/nephew/sibling/spouse/etc., you could even install the flares. This video can show you how.

Trucks are made for hauling, so sometimes truck people have to protect their cargo, whether its from the elements or prying eyes. That’s where tonneau covers, also known as bed covers, come in.

What if your pickup-driving friends haul something too big to fit in the bed, like a boat or a camper? Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean you can’t help them get ready for the next camping and boating season. A pair of tow mirrors can make towing much easier – and safer. Not to mention, just like fender flares, they make trucks look really cool.

Not everyone uses a camper to go camping. Some people even say that doesn’t really count as camping. Well, if you know someone who’s extra-outdoorsy, you could get them this truck bed tent  and a truck bed air mattress. Then they camp whenever, wherever.

Gifts for Aspiring Mechanics

Show the automotive do-it-yourselfers in your life you care by making their lives just a little bit easier. A good set of mechanics’ gloves can go a long way toward preventing busted knuckles. I use a pair from Craftsman that were inexpensive and have served me well.

Lying in the driveway is not the most comfortable place to be. A creeper will keep your favorite DIYer off the pavement, but a padded creeper will make oil changes downright cushy. Ok, not really, but it can still help a lot. I got this one for my Dad and he likes it .

You could always just get the DIYer on your list the parts they need to do that job they’ve been putting off, whether it’s a brake kit, headlights, or taillights.

Car Gifts the Brand Diehard

Some people are ride or die for their favorite automaker. You know the one who says “Mopar or no car,” or the one in the Subie Squad, or the one saving up their pennies for when they can finally afford a Porsche. Help them show off their allegiance with some sweet branded apparel. I’m wearing a Subaru Rally Team t-shirt as I write this. Caps like these two are even better than shirts, because you can wear them every day.

If the hat and t-shirt route is a bit too obvious, how about a seatbelt belt? Buckle Down  carries a cool Ford one, but Dodge and GM fans don’t have to feel left out . Or maybe get them something practical like a travel mug.

Car connoisseurs tend to appreciate the history of their favorite makes. Books and documentaries can make great gifts. The Art and Colour of General Motors tells the story of GM’s classic designs in words and pictures. Porsche 911: 50 Years tells the story of that classic sports car in a similar way. The documentary A Faster Horse not only covers the history of the Ford Mustang, but goes behind the scenes for the development of the sixth generation Mustang.

Still Need More Christmas Gift Ideas?

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