Monday = AWD Mitsubishi Turbo Dune Buggy

It’s no secret that I love cars with forced induction & all wheel drive.  There is also a wacky rumor floating around that I may have a secret obsession with air cooled VW’s.  Well, when you mix that dream with reality, you find yourself on the internet staring into the bug eyes of an incredibly scary Eagle Talon Dune Buggy.  It is the brainchild of a guy appropriately named “dsmbuggy” on

He took a drivable, but rough looking AWD Talon, cut the body off and ever so gently applied a dune-buggy body to it.  He then added a few roll bars to complete the package and reserve his spot in dune buggy legends.  Is it going to horrify nearby children & pets?  You bet it is.  Will it ever be able to pass a state inspection?  “Who’s Asking?” ….   I think we can all agree that an awd dune buggy with a giant turbo, is a huge win for the internet savvy automotive world.  Enjoy the plethora of eye candy.

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