No More Excuses! I Think?


Finally.  When I was 15, I bought a 1964 Chevy Impala convertible (my dream car), which you may have read about HERE.  Because of it’s sad state of disrepair, I immediately started a body off restoration when it rolled off a flatbed and into my parents driveway.  Much to my chagrin, it has never made much progress because of x, y, and z, but mostly because of its full time outdoor storage.  Everybody that I know hassles me about it not being done yet because I thought I would be driving it to the junior prom (nope), then senior prom (nope), college graduation (nope), 5 year high school reunion (nope), wedding day (nope), 10 year HS reunion (nope)…… Well..yea….it still isn’t done.  However, over the course of this extremely short feeling summer, I built myself a garage to play in.  Last night, I finally got all the garage doors attached properly, and cleaned up my new work space.  I then tossed some freshly borrowed wheel dollies under my pride and joy, and took a less than stellar picture.  Ta Da!

NOTE: Don’t mind the awful wheels, they are only on there temporarily because the stock ones hit the disc brakes.  I have stock “looking” wheels that will be going back on soon.


UPDATE!  See Part One of the build by clicking: 1964 Impala Convertible Project Part 1

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