Did You Know That Molasses Is A Rust Remover?

One of the most old school tricks in the book for rust removal is using molasses. Yep, deliciously sticky molasses. It is just as easy as you would want it to be. You mix it with water for around a 7:1 water to molasses ratio. Then you drop the rusty parts into the bucket o’ goo, and forget about it for a month or so. When you eventually return, you remove your previously rusty metal to find ….viola……rust free metal! How great is that right? Oh….I see…..You want proof….fair enough.  Over on killbillet.com, a member named “2.3Turbo T” recently did a great pictorial of this exact rust removing process.  The best part you ask? He did it to the entire body of his car.

He started with a relatively complete ’27 T roadster body.

27 Roadster Body

He then completely disassembled it.

27 Roadster Body Apart

Next, he had to made a container to hold the body and all of that molasses!

Molasses Crate

The inside of it was lined with one of those backyard pond liners.  After all, you need to keep the liquids on the inside!

Molasses Crate Liner

Then the ’27 Roadster body was gently placed inside the magical molasses box.

It's a Ford In a Box!

Next up was acquiring the “feed” molasses in bulk. You can get it at farm supply businesses.  Apparently it is also used for fertilizer for certain illegal plants, so if you buy 20 gallons of it at once, expect to answer some questions.

Lots of Molasses

As mentioned before, you want to dilute it with water.  Many people try different ratios, but in this case, it was a 7 part water to 1 part molasses mix.  In you go!

Molasses Mix

Mark your calendars because it is officially time to wait.  A month should work.  Hopefully you aren’t in a rush! …….Tick Tock Tick Tock…..With the magic of the internet, a month has passed and we get to see the finished parts! Here they are!

Cleaned Parts

The cowl was upside down with the feet hanging out of the molasses mix.  They didn’t get the cleaning treatment like the top half did.

Roadster Cowl

The best part of the whole process is that it gets into all the little nooks and crannies that a soda blaster might miss. There is no escaping the molasses. It’s too sneaky.

Inner Body

It’s still early stages, but here is a link to the build thread on killbillet.com

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  1. Ok, I have a rather simple question… Who named that stuff “Molasses” anyway?!?

    That is not that name I would have chosen for anything that is used in cooking food!

    At least you found another good use… it must be time for a beer….

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