The Original BIGFOOT Monster Truck

The original BIGFOOT Monster Truck, is by far my favorite monster truck of all time. The creation of BIGFOOT began as a brand new 1974 F250 Ford Pickup that was purchased by Bob Chandler and his wife so that they would have a vehicle with more cargo room for camping and have the ability to go off road.

While becoming frustrated with the lack of parts and services for four wheel drive trucks in his area,  Bob Chandler teamed up with Jim Kramer and began modifying his Ford F250. This partnership became Midwest Four Wheel Drive. Chandler used the truck to deliver parts from the shop.

He was soon nicknamed “Big Foot” by one of the shop employees due to  his heavy right foot and how fast he drove the truck. The name stuck and his truck was christened “BIGFOOT”.

Bob soon began showing up and competing in local truck and tractor pulls, showing off the trucks capabilities. The truck which sported a modified 460,48″ tires and military axles became a household name in the Midwest. He was soon using the truck to entertain fans at tractor pull halftime shows.

1981 proved to be BIGFOOT’s biggest year yet. The truck appeared in the movie “Take This Job And Shove It” which caused national awareness to skyrocket. Also in 1981 BIGFOOT became the first monster truck to run over two cars. The original picture of that day in 1981 is at the top of this post.

My favorite thing about the original truck is that it’s a full framed steel bodied F250, which is pretty darn cool.

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5 thoughts to “The Original BIGFOOT Monster Truck”

  1. Brings back many good memories. I was a member of a Jeep club when I first met Bob Chandler, before he put the military axles under his truck. Back in those days, we did a lot of 4-wheeling at the Black River in Southern Missouri. With the heavy duty axles and big tires, Bob started having lots of fun running in water. Now I have pictures on the hall wall of grand kids next to BIGFOOT, with excitement and big grins on their faces.

    1. Ron, that is awesome! It’s amazing how small the world is. Tony writes and article about BIGFOOT, and you actually met the guy! The internet really is quite awesome for this reason.

  2. After watching BIGFOOT I have plans on building a monster truck of my own. I have wanted a monster truck of my own ever since i was 6 years old and now I am 18. I will get my monster truck one of these days. 🙂

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