Codename Daisy: Where Did That New Shelby Cobra Concept Go?

Daisy Shelby Cobra

Back in 2004, every gearhead with access to a television watched the “Rides” show on TLC covering the design and building of the “New” Shelby Cobra, Codename – “Daisy”.  From a sketch on paper, to budgetless CNC work, to Carroll Shelby ripping nasty donuts at Irwindale Raceway; we watched the birth of this almost entirely non-ferrous concept car.

If you haven’t seen it, here is the “Rides” show on YouTube – It’s a 5 part series, which are about 10 mins each.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Normally when you have a brilliant build team, factory sponsor, seemingly unlimited funding (2 million dollars is rumored), TV promotion, Jason Priestley, and a legendary racing heritage attached to a car, the car doesn’t just fall off the planet.  Unfortunately for car enthusiasts around the world, “Daisy” was unaware of that particular rule.  The minute the TLC show ended, the car seemingly vanished from TV, car shows, and somehow it even escaped the internet…. or did it?  Google web can’t find any new information about the car since 2005, neither can Bing.  However, if you look on Youtube, you can come up with slightly more info proving its post 2004 existence.

In a video uploaded in 2007, Daisy somehow landed herself in Ontario Canada on a chassis dyno.  The video notes claim that it makes more than the 605 hp that Ford advertised.  Unfortunately, if you read into it further, it also says that the video was shot in 2004.  Drats! Back to square one.



2006 arrives and Ford apparently visited Virginia Tech with the “new” Shelby Cobra concept.  It still runs and drives! …..with a police escort…



Four years pass, and Daisy is back in Canada eh?  Seen in this video from the 2010 Toronto Auto Show, she sits next to an older version of herself.  I assume that must be similar sitting next to your grandparent. Youcan tell you are related, but one is a bit more dated than the other.


So where is Daisy hiding today?  Is the 605 horsepower tire shredder sitting in a dark and dusty warehouse somewhere in Canada?  Is it still traveling the show circuit?  Could it be in the Ford museum on display?  Wherever Daisy is hiding, I’m sure it’s someplace safe considering it is worth more in scrap value than all of the houses in my neighborhood combined.

If you have seen or heard of Daisy’s recent whereabouts – Post em up!  We want to know.

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