Hey 1974 Corvette – Why The 2 Piece Bumper?

Did you know that the 1974 Corvette’s had a 2 piece rear bumper?  It was the only year that they were like that, which makes them really easy to pick out at car shows.  In my opinion, it looks completely unfinished.  I have to imagine that the Corvette design team got together with all of their Burt Reynolds-esque mustaches, and just said “meh, let’s run with what we have, nobody will ever notice this unfinished bumper.”

If they could mate all of the body panels together to build the corvette body, why on earth couldn’t they do a 1 piece rear bumper? Was the 2 piece bumper really part of the design or was it a engineering limitation that they  sorted out by 1975?  Do any Corvette aficionados out there have the scoop?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Jeremy Nutt

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4 thoughts to “Hey 1974 Corvette – Why The 2 Piece Bumper?”

  1. ’cause you might destroy half of the ‘nerfie’
    Actually it’s an expansion joint, so it won’t warp in the sun.

  2. Looks to me like a good place to install a dual-door system to access the 200 gallon fuel cell it needs to run more than an hour…

    Also, why did they completely eliminate the boot that year? It still has the same butt space!

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