You Named Your Pet After A Car Didn’t You.


It seems to be common practice in car enthusiast households to have pets named after cars, auto parts or famous figures in automotive history.  I personally know of several pets past and present that have had some great names.

  • A fish named Tucker
  • A cat named Turbo
  • Another cat named Turbeau (Keeping it classy)
  • A cat named Piston
  • A cat named Malibu
  • A cat named Monte

It’s odd that they are mostly cats, isn’t it?  Hmm.  Well, you can rest assured knowing that they aren’t all mine.  Did you really think I was secretly a crazy cat lady for a second?  That would surely be awkward.  So – if you have a pet with automotive related name, share it with us!!  Bonus points if you went with an engine size.

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14 thoughts to “You Named Your Pet After A Car Didn’t You.”

    1. I’m named after a crown Vic my sister is named after a ford fairlane and my brothers middle name is ford

      1. Now that I think of it ‘Hurst’ is a real good name for a pet. Maybe ‘Synchro’ or ‘Clutch.’…I could do this all day…. Pedal, Fuel, Octane, Diff, Shaft, Axle, Slick, Skinny, Hoop, Camaro, Goat, Chevelle, Bronco, Charger…need to get more pets, or more cars, why not both?! Oh yeah money, bummer.

  1. Didn’t think i would be responding to a blog post on this subject, but life is like that sometimes.
    Inherited a cat named Chevelle. She’s pretty fast too.

    Great blog by the way.

    1. Hi James! My cat was almost named Chevelle, but we decided that Malibu was more suitable for her. Either way, she is named after the 1970 Chevy Malibu / Chevelle.

      Also – thanks for the kind words! Your blog looks quite awesome as well! I visited Austin a few years ago and had a fantastic time there. It’s a beautiful & fun place to be for sure!

  2. We have 2 dogs and a puppy! The oldest is named Apex because of his ears (black German Shepard). The middle is Auto and we have not named the puppy yet! We were thinking another A name… I would then have to call them AAA. To top it all off Auto had back surgery last year to fix some pinched nerves and an instability in his spine. We like to say he needed a bigger sway bar!!! Any ideas for a puppy name?

    1. Hmmmm, “A” names… How about…
      1) Ackerman (Ackerman angle)
      2) Axle
      3) Alt (Short for Alternator)
      4) Aston (Martin)
      5) Alfa (Romeo)
      6) Aspen (Dodge)
      7) Accel (…erator)

      That’s the best I got… 🙂

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