How To Properly Build A Mitsubishi Powered Honda S2000

The guys over at Infamous Performance in Fall River MA are a ridiculously talented group.  One of their latest creations is a 4G63 turbo powered Honda S2000.  It is owned by a guy named TJ (one of the Infamous guys), and it entered his life in an extra crispy form, complete with a freshly doused engine fire.  After owning a high horsepower DSM, the goal for this car was “not trying to be that fast, just trying to have some fun and keep the car in one piece“.  Sure.  Once in the shop, the “budget build” began.

The project started with a complete tear down and removal of all the unnecessary parts.  Out came the suspension, brakes, drivetrain, interior, front body structure, and yes, even the rear floors.  Once it was down to a shell, they brought the structural integrity back into this burn victim with an 8.5 second approved roll cage.  This also meant that TJ won’t have to worry about cranking the boost up when 9 second runs get boring.   Underneath the car sits a solid rear axle which is held onto the bottom of the S2000 with the new 4-link suspension.  A beautiful set of rear disc brakes were thrown on, and the big rear slicks completed this evil looking package.

Up in the front is really where all the magic happens though.  Where a Honda engine once burned (literally) now sits a Mitsubishi 4G63 with a gigantic turbo hanging off the front of it.  Being the awesome fabricators that they are, the Infamous crew built a custom exhaust manifold to place the big snail exactly where they wanted it. That way it could suck air straight into the compressor with ease.  With such a good looking exhaust, it was only proper to match it with an equally dignified custom aluminum intake manifold.  Behind the engine hangs a powerglide transmission, which is the obvious drag racers choice.  Hey if it works, it works.

It was no secret that the body needed some lovin’ after the engine fire, so a few new panels had to be acquired.  They were then modified to suit the needs of the sub-10 second car, and massaged to perfection.  When the time arrived for paint, candy green was the color of choice, which makes it completely impossible to miss. I’m not sure if they got the idea from the ’64 Impala in the Ice Cube -” Today was a good day” video or not, but the color sure does look good on there.  The roll cage was also painted, but in a silver color for a little high class color contrast.

The entire S2000 package could really be a show piece and truly displays the extraordinary talent that TJ and the Infamous Performance crew have.  The best part?  This whole project was done in about 8 months. I don’t know about you, but that sure makes me feel like a slacker. I wonder how the whole “not trying to be that fast” thing will work out.


Quote from Tiago (TJ’s brother) on NewEnglandDSM.

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  1. That is a bad ass build. My only gripe with it is the Honda motor co print on the mitsu valve cover. Other than that, it must be awesome to drive that thing.

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