Superchargers Are Always In The Way… Or Are They?

It’s always refreshing to see creativity used to the fullest advantages on a hot rod. This evil looking hotrod pickup is slightly extended in the nose region due to the front mounted roots type blower! WUT!?  Yes, settle down now. While I can’t confirm exactly what goes on within the walls of those silver intake tubes, I have to assume that they aren’t the only thing holding the boost inside.   How does it work you say?  Well… The crankshaft has a …well… shaft coming off the front of it. That shaft passes through some bearings, and has a dual pulley on the front side.  That dual pulley spins the supercharger, which begins moving air.  The air then flows up the duct work to the blow-thru carb, and voila, “Bob’s your uncle.”  Like it, Love it, Lust it.  The choice is yours and yours alone.

Jeremy Nutt

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3 thoughts on “Superchargers Are Always In The Way… Or Are They?

  1. That is some shaft-driven cool-ass blower action right there! WUT?! Dang it, but I wish I were more brilliant and could fabricate anything.

  2. I think he gave the top mounted super charger the shaft.

    Love the blog, the 1A Auto service and expertise they share with the web.

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