7 Automotive Podcasts for Experts and Beginners

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Podcasts are a great way to indulge in your favorite topics and hear enthusiasts talk about the subjects they know best. Whether its news, current events, stories, interviews, history or more, we’ve got a list of favorite automotive podcasts covering all kinds of car-related topics, recommended by a couple of our very own car experts here at 1A Auto, Andrew and Jeremy.

7. Power and Speed Podcast


A few extremely talented and smart drag racers talk about what it takes to make drag racing cars move down the track. Power and Speed gets incredibly technical with data, and brings some heavy-hitting guests on the show to discuss various aspects of engine design, including ways to make more horsepower. From cam lobe design to rear gear choices, these guys discuss the topics that nobody else does.

6. Auto Off Topic


Two Mitsubishi enthusiasts discuss automotive topics and automotive lifestyles. They have knowledge and experience of rally racing and overlanding, and the 90+ episodes cover all kinds of oddball 1980-90s vehicles, and topics like gas station history and the world’s greatest stuntman you never heard of (he tried to jump a car a mile through the air).  And also what it’s like to be a car enthusiast in a rust belt area.

5. CrossThreaded Podcast


Jim and Meghann are two of the most genuine people on the internet. They are car enthusiasts to the fullest, so they truly put their hearts and souls into their automotive projects. And they discuss automotive news, their Exocet and Volkswagen, LeMons racing, and plenty of subtle humor that you won’t notice unless you’re a car nerd.

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4. Driving While Awesome


These guys are all about driving older cars and enjoying ‘80s and ‘90s cars. The newest, latest, and greatest hypercars are okay, but older cars have way more charm and give a more interesting driving experience. Because it’s all about the driving experience. One of the hosts bought a $2000 1984 Corvette C4. He fixes it, drives it, and fixes it again.

3. The Smoking Tire


Matt Farah is an automotive rock star on YouTube. This is his podcast. He gets huge names to come on for interviews, and talks about the newest and best cars, automotive news, and more.

2. Hooniverse


Hooniverse dicusses new car news, car reviews, and sometimes they have a guest or talk beer. Laid back and fun, it covers all kinds of topics for any enthusiast.

And Introducing…

1. Engine Noise (sponsored by 1A Auto.com)


Without further ado, we are excited to announce a brand new podcast, sponsored by 1A Auto, featuring our friends Jeremy and Matt. Engine Noise offers expert DIY advice gathered from personal experience, mostly Jeremy’s.  Jeremy is a life-long backyard mechanic, while Matt is a novice DIYer who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. This automotive podcast has a little bit for everyone. It covers all kinds of basic and advanced topics for beginners and experts alike.

This riveting duo (no pun intended) loves to share their automotive stories. Through these stories, they reveal expert knowledge, discuss car tips, tricks, fun facts, history, and trivia. They will most certainly answer the kinds of questions that can improve your own repair experiences. We recommend that you check out the first episode if you are interested in the peculiarity of the Wankel engine. It’s as amusing as it sounds.

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