AC Stops Blowing Cold Air? How to Inspect the AC Condenser

If in your car the AC stops blowing cold air, there could be a problem with the AC condenser. This is especially true if the car has been in a fender bender, as the condenser sits at the front of the vehicle and can be damaged easily. Find out how to tell if the AC condenser is bad yourself with the tips in this article and video if you’re having problems with the air conditioning (AC) in your car.

How to Tell If the AC Condenser Is Causing the AC to Stop Blowing Cold Air

1A Auto mechanic reviewing how a bad AC condenser can cause a car's AC to stop blowing cold air

Steps to tell if the AC condenser is bad if the AC stops blowing cold air

  1. Inspect the AC Condenser for Damage like Punctured or Broken Lines

    Where Is the AC Condenser Located?
    The AC condenser is at front of the car and it’s easy to damage. You’ll find it in front of the radiator. Refrigerant runs through it and is cooled down, and it’s placed at the front so air can flow through and do this.

    How Do I Know If the AC Condenser Is Bad?

    Bends or Stains on the Condenser
    The AC condenser is made of aluminum and is susceptible to bending. The condenser has tubes that stretch from side-to-side. Getting in a car accident like a fender bender, for example, can easily damage this part. It could move and press against a piece of metal like the bumper support and split and break. Refrigerant could be leaking, and this can cause the AC to not blow cold air.

    You might also find stains, and these are more likely to be found in the top and bottom corners. This is an indication of a leak.

  2. Replace the AC Condenser Yourself

    The air conditioning system is a closed system and cannot just be opened and drained like you would with other fluids in your vehicle. You’ll need to follow a certain process with an AC recovery machine, and we recommended having professionals handle this part of the repair.

    If you find damage to the condenser or signs of a leak, you can replace it yourself. To replace the AC condenser yourself, go to a local repair shop and have the refrigerant recycled out and evacuated. Then remove and replace the AC condenser, and bring the vehicle back to the shop. From there, have the mechanics vacuum out and refill the AC.

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