Always Check Your Mixing Cups Before Dumping Paint In!

These PPG mixing cups are so amazingly useful in the garage it is almost frightening.  Along with measuring & mixing paint, they hold nuts & bolts, catch small leaks, they don’t melt when you put gas / brake cleaner / carb cleaner in them, AND they don’t explode into 1000 pieces when you accidentally run them over.  Oh yeah!  I almost forgot!  They also hide little mice perfectly, so when you grab the top mixing cup and feel it wiggle a bit in your hand, shriek out a high pitched scream that you hope nobody heard, and find a little tiny mouse inside, don’t be surprised.  I’ve …. heard it actually could happen.  If  this strange turn of events develops on your property, just calmly bring your new friend outside and let him back into the wilderness.  Unless he can weld, he’ll be much happier there than in your garage.

Jeremy Nutt

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2 thoughts to “Always Check Your Mixing Cups Before Dumping Paint In!”

  1. One night I turned on the lights in the shop and saw a massive (holy crap) naked tail go behind my roll around tool box, knocking stuff over. It ended up being an opossum, decided to leave the door open so he could git out!

  2. I learned this way that a previous owner had stored a car and somehow a mouse found its way into the overflow compartment for the radiator. I bought the car and after a year I noticed the radiator started to drip (but just a wee bit). I thought I would add some of that “stop leak” stuff. When I opened the overflow canister, I thought the previous owner must have tried this already, because there was this “stuff” in the mix – kinda hairy stuff… After removing the overflow canister and dumping it out, I found the well cooked, well preserved, but only partially haired corpse. Ick! A lump of organic STOP LEAK with large bucked teeth! After a thorough rinsing, I reassembled the parts and added my store bought stop leak and never dripped again. Zoom Zoom! (the car was a Mazda).

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