Austin Dillon Sets The #3 On The Pole For Daytona 500!

When the command is given to “Fire Em Up” during this years 56th annual Daytona 500; Austin Dillon will be behind the wheel of a number that his grandfather ran, but was also made famous by Dale Earnhardt. It’s a number that since Dale’s death had unofficially been retired until the right driver came along to carry on the legacy of the #3.

As the grandson of Richard Childress,  the time seemed right to  bring the number back to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and to place Austin behind the wheel. With a blessing from Dale Jr. and his sister Kelly, Austin had received a green light to run the number for the first time in over twelve years.

Someone may have been smiling down from the heavens, because during the time trials on Sunday, Austin Dillon went around Daytona International Speedway at a speed of 196.019 MPH which was landed the Dow sponsored Chevrolet smack dab on the Pole for Sunday’s race.

At the drop of the green flag on Sunday, there will certainly be cheers and tears from many race fans as they watch the number 3 lead the pack across the start/finish line for the “Great American Race”.

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3 thoughts to “Austin Dillon Sets The #3 On The Pole For Daytona 500!”

  1. Now, I don’t follow NASCAR closely at all, but I would swear that I’ve seen #3 circling the track for years now. :confused:

  2. I was watching your blog for a few years, but I saw you does not update it anymore, so sad.

    What is happening man ? Latest post is 1 year old.

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