Brakes Squealing? It’s Probably Time for New Brake Pads

Brakes Squealing? Here is our expert guide to diagnose & fix

Are the brakes squealing when you press the brake pedal? This is common with some new brake pads as they “break in,” but on wheels with worn brake pads, it can mean it’s time for a replacement. Watch this video below or read more to find out if you might need new brake pads and how to replace them.

Why Are My Brakes Squealing when I Press the Brake Pedal?

Brake Pad Wear Indicators

If you brakes are Brake pad wear indicator

If the brake pads haven’t been changed in some time, some pads have a wear mark indicator, also known as a squealer, that will press against the brake rotor, creating a squealing sound. Brake wear indicators were designed to warn drivers when their pads are getting low so they can replace them before they cause more damage or worse, make it unsafe to brake. If your brakes are squealing from worn brake pads, it means that you have 2/32 of padding left and it’s time for new brake pads.

Brake Anti-Rattle Clips

Brake Anti-Rattle Clips

Sometimes the anti-rattle clips that help secure the brake pads can bend and fall into contact with the rotor, creating a scraping sound.

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Backing Shield

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The dust shield or backing shield might bend in the direction of the rotor, which can cause a scraping sound. Outside debris like rocks can also get stuck between the shield and come into contact with the rotor, and sometimes rust on the rotor or backing shield can cause the two parts to come into contact and squeak.

Replace Your Brake Pads Yourself

Check out this video below to get an idea of how to change the brake pads yourself. To find a video specific to your year, make, and model, check out 1A Auto’s video library.

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