Bring Back Hood Ornaments

Am I the only one that thoroughly enjoys the gaudy hood ornaments on old cars, and really think we need to bring ’em back?   I do realize that dropping a giant chromed-out pelican on the front of a new Camry wouldn’t really work. However, if done tastefully it maaay actually improve the look of the car like it had in the past.  Sure it will cost extra money and it would be something for punk kids to rip off in mall parking lots, BUT pretend those negative factors don’t exist for now.  Instead, let’s think about how much class it adds to the vehicle, along with a feeling of luxury and honor.  Please raise your hand if you would not want a giant chrome bird, ship, plane, or beautiful winged goddess mounted to your hood.  Nobody? Yeah that’s what I thought. The fact is: these types of figures make you feel like a big shot.  You instantly feel more elegant, smart, and stylish than you really are.  Just go for a ride in any car from the 1940’s if you would like to experience this for yourself.  Even if the car doesn’t have paint, stalls out at stop signs, and generally looks like a beater, the hood ornament announces to the surrounding community that you are in fact, a really big deal.

Dear big 3,
Let’s try and make it classy again. I want sparkling chrome planes, goddesses, ships, and a variety of fowl guiding my vehicle down the roads. If you must, you can make them out of carbon fiber for a modern touch.

Now who’s with me?…….echo……echo….

Jeremy Nutt

Hi, I'm Jeremy.

3 thoughts to “Bring Back Hood Ornaments”

  1. I think some horribly gaudy hood ornament on either the Neon or the DSMs in my driveway would absolutely just MAKE the car!!! I’m totally down for this.

  2. I’m scheming to bring an awesome hood ornament to my Caprice wagon. I’ll send you pics if/when I ever find a suitable object. 🙂

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