Car AC Fan Making Noise?

Is your car ac making noise? Diagnose & Fix Blower motor sounds

Is your car AC fan making noise, especially when it’s turned all the way up? This noisy AC fan is likely an issue with your blower motor. In this video, our mechanic shows you what to do if your car AC or heater makes so much noise that it sounds like an airplane that’s ready to take off. Watch now to find out how to diagnose and fix noisy air conditioner and heater sounds like vibrating, rattling, or grinding:

Car Air Conditioning or Heat Rattling or Grinding? Simple Fix!

Why is my car AC fan making noise?

Whether you hear a faint, rattling, or grinding noise when your AC or heater is blowing lightly, or one that’s so bad it seems like your dashboard is vibrating when you have it turned up, it doesn’t necessarily mean something serious is wrong. That car AC fan noise is loud and distracting but the good news is, the fix can be relatively simple.

What’s causing that loud AC noise?

Loud noises you hear when your car’s heater or air conditioner are on typically indicate a blower motor issue. The good news is that a blower motor problem like this can be the result of something as simple to fix as debris or trash that got caught in it.

How do I diagnose and fix grinding or airplane-like car AC noises?

  1. First, test your blower motor

    With the key on, turn your AC or heater on. Does the bad blower motor sound get worse if you crank your blower motor all the way up, like in the video?

  2. Next, locate your blower motor

    Blower motors are typically located under the glove box, but every vehicle is different.

  3. Inspect your blower motor

    After you locate and remove your blower motor, check for any debris that may be caught inside it. If you find a piece of trash wedged inside it like our mechanic did, gently remove it.

  4. Reinsert and re-test your blower motor

    While it’s likely that any debris caught inside that you removed was causing the bad blower motor sound, you’ll want to test your blower motor to make sure. 

    After you reinsert your blower motor, with the key on, first test it at half speed. 

    If you don’t hear anything, from there, put it on full blast. 

    If you still don’t hear a loud car AC fan noise anymore, then you’ll know the debris was what caused that awful jet engine noise. 

    Still have a noisy car AC sound? In that case, you’ll more than likely need to replace your blower motor.

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