Plan Now for your Labor Day Car Projects!

Labor Day celebrates all working people across the country. Ideally, it’s a time to relax and enjoy the last few days of summer, but this long weekend also offers an opportunity to finish a repair and prepare for the colder days ahead.

Eventually the sun will set sooner until it’s almost dark before you get home from work. And if that’s the least of your worries, it’s still an ample opportunity to put some extra time aside and focus on your car.

So here’s some Labor Day Weekend repairs you can do before the seasons change.

Brake Kits

For some people, brakes are a breeze. For others, they can take hours. Regardless of which camp you fall into, having an extra day to switch out squealing brake pads or pulsing brake rotors can make all the difference.

Headlight Assemblies and Lighting

Usually headlights and tail lights are quick and easy, and should take little of your time. But just in case they don’t, you’ve got a whole weekend to do them.


Maybe you’d rather spend the weekend relaxing. Accessories will take little of that time away. Hanging sun visors or broken window switches will be simple. Or maybe you want to toss in some heavy duty floor mats to protect your carpet from the snow or bad weather. Order the parts ahead, put them in, and you can go back to enjoying your weekend.

Tow Mirrors

If you live in an area expecting snow, what better time is there to swap out your mirrors or upgrade to new towing mirrors before the cold nips at your fingers, making this straightforward swap even more of a hassle? Our Trail Ridge selection is wide to help you find the options you’re looking for. That way you’ll have plenty of time to pick them out and install them.


Steering and Suspension

Clanking, squeaking, pulling dipping, or diving can all be signs of worn steering and suspension parts. Even worn tire tread or a bouncy ride can be a symptom. Of course, you want to replace them with new and reliable parts that have been tested and proven to improve your ride quality. Brand like TRQ (Trusted Reliable Quality) offer all of these traits. TRQ prides itself on delivering top quality parts for longer life, better performance, and most of all, trusted safety.

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