Car Sunroof Leaking?

A car sunroof leaking water into the cabin usually happens because the drain line on a car sunroof can clog up, but they can be inspected quickly with a few simple steps. This article explains how to test and inspect the drain line to diagnose a leaking sun roof.

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How to Unclog a Sunroof Drain

How to Remove Debris from a Drain on a Leaking Sunroof

Sun roof with a working drain that's leaking water out by the wheel well
Sunroof with a working line draining water by the wheel well

All sunroofs have a seal. Generally, the seals are not water-tight, so sun roofs have a drain to remove any water. The drain can clog up, but you can inspect it with a few simple steps.

What Are the Signs a Sun Roof Is Leaking?

The most obvious sign of a sunroof leaking is seeing water leak into the car. Other common signs of a sun roof leak is having a wet carpet and maybe a wet ceiling or dome light after it rains.

Steps for Unclogging a Sun Roof Drain

Unclogging the Sun Roof Drain

  1. Get a Bottle of Water

    Put water into a bottle for testing the drain

  2. Pour Water Into the Drain or Seal Channel

    Pour the water into the drain/channel. If the water drains from the channel, that’s a good sign. It should drain out near the bottom of the vehicle near the wheel well; otherwise, it is probably draining into the vehicle.

  3. If the Drain Is Clogged, Follow the Drain Line and Clear It With Compressed Air

    If the drain is clogged, you can spray compressed air down the drain and see if it blows out of the bottom, but be cautious because this can also pop off hoses and lines. Before testing, check in the wheel well or under the hood to see where the drain is.

  4. Remove Debris from the Base of the Drain Line with a Pocket Screwdriver

    At the base you can try to dig out the debris with a pocket screwdriver. Usually it’s just pine needles and leaves that clog the drain.

  5. If Defective, Replace the Drain Hose

    If the hose is damaged and not able to drain water from the sunroof, replace it.

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