Cars and Ice Cream: It’s a Family Thing

classic cars at a car show
Heritage Farm Ice Cream and Restaurant and 1A Auto partnered to raise money for a local non-profit at the restaurant’s classic car show on Memorial Day.

There’s just something special about summer when it starts to roll in. Especially when driving a classic car on a beautiful sunny day with the convertible top down. Driving a convertible while in search of a perfect ice cream cone can make the day even better. That special summertime ritual and fun feeling have become a long-standing Green family tradition. Throwing the kids in the car, heading down to a classic car show, and grabbing an ice cream cone has been a great way of spending an afternoon together for a generation of Greens, and it’s personal.

1A Auto partners with Heritage Farm Ice Cream to help local non-profit

Recently, on Memorial Day, the Green family ventured to Heritage Farm Ice Cream and Restaurant in Lowell, MA. Heritage Farm has hosted a classic car show on summer Monday nights for years.

What made this trip special is that 1A Auto and Heritage Farm recently partnered to help raise money for the local charity, Hidden Battles Foundation. 1A Auto donated the first $1,000 to get the wheels turning. Hidden Battles is a non-profit organization that helps military members, veterans, law enforcement officials, firefighters, paramedics, dispatchers, and nurses receive treatment and counseling for depression, suicidal tendencies, and PTSD.

Hundreds of car and ice cream aficionados descended upon the parking lot of Heritage Farm that Monday night while a local rock band played music across the street along the Merrimack River. The temperature outside was perfect as visitors checked out the sparkling paint jobs, characteristic curves and freshly polished chrome of the classic cars. Motorheads of all ages gathered around, sharing stories about their favorite cars from years past. They checked out what was under the hood, reminiscing about and appreciating the beautifully maintained classics.

white classic car at car show

1A Auto’s Merle Green walked from one car to the next while enjoying chocolate peanut butter ice cream stuffed into a waffle cone. At one point he leaned over to a car show spectator and said, “What did you bring?” A smile spread across his face as he soaked up one of the many car stories of the night. It’s a healthy obsession and good, clean fun for so many people. Merle has a few GTO classics that he still works on, but being around other car guys and girls makes the ice cream taste all the sweeter.

rick green 1A Auto CEO at car show with family

Rick and Mike Green both grabbed the microphone, jazzed up the crowd and encouraged patrons to donate to Hidden Battles. They could be found following in their father’s footsteps, striking up a conversation with other classic car owners.

To find out more about Hidden Battles Foundation or to donate, visit

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