Did You Know: Pininfarina Designs Coke Machines?

Remember when Pininfarina was designing the most amazing looking cars in the world?  Yeah. Well, they apparently can add Coke machine design to their resume as well.  I must say, it was no doubt the greatest coke machine that I have ever laid my greasy mitts upon.  There were about 20 different beverages to choose from, and it felt very much like I was using and Ipod.  Oh, and it also served a delicious fountain Coca-Cola classic as well, as you might expect from such a device.

Is this just plain wrong?  Or is it nice to see a recognizable world famous automotive designer branching out into areas that I can actually play in? What’s your take?  Ever seen one?


Jeremy Nutt

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6 thoughts to “Did You Know: Pininfarina Designs Coke Machines?”

  1. I have seen a lot of things, but never a Pininfarina Coke machine! Still, it’s not as sexy as my Series 3 XJ6…

    1. Saw one of these a couple of days ago at a fast food place and it totally blew me away. It is computerized of course with the touch screen visible in the photo. After selecting the basic drink (say Coke Zero), many choices are presented such as adding flavors cherry, cherry vanilla, vanilla, and others. And the styling is exquisite.

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