Kaizen Tunings Mitsubishi Evo X Time Attack Project Car

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Oliveras of TT Productions. As you’ll see, he is super talented when it comes to visual media, and he recently documented the building of Kaizen Tuning‘s new Evo X time attack project car. Through a series of fortunate events last weekend, I also got to see this  Evo in person at Kaizen’s shop and swoon over it’s good looks. From my perspective, it is everything I would want in a race car (or daily driver for that matter). It has a beautifully built cage, minimalist interior, all wheel drive, assumed huge power from the built engine, and the rumor is that the body kit on it is the only one like it in the United States. In video and in person, this car is amazing from every single angle. The crew at Kaizen did one hell of a job building it.

For those of you that have yet to see this car in person (read: the majority of the world), Daniel has captured it all on film for us and merged it together into an adrenaline spiking cornucopia of eye candy… And this is just the trailer. Enjoy!

Update:  Unbeknownst to me at the time I wrote this, HT Motorsport actually did the fabrication on this Evo.  You may remember HT Motorsport from the incredible LS1 powered Audi RS6 a few months back. Small world right? Or do I just seem to be drawn to beautiful metal fabrication?  Not sure. Either way, it is all around terrific work on this car.

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5 thoughts to “Kaizen Tunings Mitsubishi Evo X Time Attack Project Car”

  1. Did you know the beautifully built cage was built by the owner and builder of your previously featured RSS6 ?

  2. Thanks for the write up Jeremy,

    HT Motorsport did the fabrication on this car and the cage is very special as it is an FIA certified cage built in T45 thin wall steel.

    This was a fun build and the car will be kicking some serious Time Attack ass this year! Good luck to all the Kaizen crew.


    1. Holy cow Hadyn! I never made the connection that this was your car! Great, now you own two cars that I am totally in love with! Also, well done on the cage! I spent a lot of time staring at your welds last weekend.

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