Favorite Car of Your Birth Year.

If you had unlimited funding, and were forced to own a car from the year that you were born, what would it be?  For me, the year is 1982.  As you may or may not remember, this was a black hole of automotive design, horsepower, handling, and overall driving excitement.  Luckily, one manufacturer didn’t care what the other guys were doing, and stuck to what they do best, building fantastic sports cars.  That company’s name is Porsche.  The model that I would procure is the 930, and I would obviously need it with the twin turbo ~300 horsepower engine.

Oddly enough, I found the exact one I want on eBay today!

Item # 190396041589

So which car would you buy?

Jeremy Nutt

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13 thoughts to “Favorite Car of Your Birth Year.”

  1. 1982 Chevy Corvette, its the last year for the stingray body style and just an awesome car all around.

  2. 1972, pretty hard to go wrong with a Corvette. Last year to feature front and rear chrome bumpers. 20 Small Block ZR1s produced with “370 HP”…..I’ll take 1!

  3. Well, yes my parents had a car… I guess I would have to go with the bat winged impala or the massive stabilizer finned caddie, just for gaudiness sake. Chopped, shaved and lowered. That should look good next to my 4×4 bomb!

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