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The highly anticipated movie and renowned story of Ford Motor Company taking on Enzo Ferrari in the 24 Hours of Le Mans is about to hit the silver screen. In theaters tomorrow, FORD v FERRARI is directed by James Mangold and stars Christian Bale and Matt Damon.

Damon plays Carroll Shelby, the famous racecar driver, car builder, and designer, who took on Ford’s challenge to beat Enzo Ferrari at Le Mans. Bale stars as British racecar driver, Ken Miles, who was the best racecar driver in the world at the time. The film also features a bevy of other famous actors and actresses who take on the roles of Lee Iacocca, Henry Ford II, and more.

Ferrari, Ford and the feud

As the story is told, Ferrari and Ford II feuded. Ford Motor Company was to buy Ferrari, and in the 11th hour, Ferrari backed out of the deal, pitting the two automotive giants against one another.

At that moment, when the deal fell apart, Ford II decided that if he couldn’t own Ferrari, he would beat them on the racetrack.

In 1956, ‘57, and ’58, Ferrari tried to recruit Shelby as a driver for Le Mans, but Shelby refused Ferrari because Ferrari was famous for pitting his drivers against one another.

Shelby quit racing cars in 1960 because of a heart problem that required he take Nitroglycerin tablets when racing. Upon retiring from driving, Shelby got into car building.

He was eventually recruited by Ford to design the car that was to beat Ferrari at Le Mans because he was the only American that ever drove at Le Mans.

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24 Hours of Le Mans

Le Mans is a 24-hour race known as the world’s oldest active sports car race in endurance racing. It is considered the most prestigious of car races and has been dubbed the Grand Prix of endurance and efficiency.

Making their ‘Mark’

In 1966, Shelby and Miles built the Ford GT Mark II, which took an army of 100 people from Ford Motor Company that specialized in almost every aspect of the car.

Shelby was quoted saying that it was not just the car and the driver who won the race, but also that the brake rotors were changed 6 times.

By far, Ford developed the best pit crew, which allowed them to outlast and endure Le Mans.

What to expect

The film is expected to dive into the close relationship between Miles and Shelby. It will explore the immense dislike between rivals Ferrari and Ford II, and the 24-hour race called Le Mans.

The film budget ran over $90 million and is expected to be epic. Producers and writers have been trying to put this story on the screen for decades.

FORD v FERRARI is out Nov. 15.

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