Future: The Dynosphere Takes the Streets?

People were more creative in the 1930’s, this video makes that quite apparent.  This guy decided that 4 wheels was not the proper way to transport people, and 1 giant wobbling wheel would be waaaaay better.  I am not going to say he was wrong, but maybe just a little too advanced for his era.  If I’m not in a flying car by 2020, I am definitely going on search for a dynosphere.  It’s the only logical thing to do if I am travelling down a beach or through a desert.  Who’s with me?

Jeremy Nutt

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2 thoughts to “Future: The Dynosphere Takes the Streets?”

  1. I can't watch the video on my phone, but will watch it tonight. People have always been more creative in the yesteryear. Peoples inspiration now a days is more tv and game related. The steam engine rotary and piston were all designed long ago and only made better. Technology has gotten better but ideas for new forms of transportation havent

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