GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado Electrical Problems?

Diagnose GM Electrical Issues

It’s common to have a GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado with electrical problems. Some GM trucks, cars, and SUVs can have electrical issues like the wipers or the dash lights randomly turning on. If your GMC or Chevy truck has electrical issues, this post explains why this common problem happens and how you can fix it yourself.

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How to Diagnose Common Fuse Box Problems in GM Trucks

What Are Some Signs of Electrical Problems in My GM Truck?

Your vehicle may run abnormally or doesn’t start, or other electrical problems like a repeating check engine light or wiper blades turning on uncommanded.

Why Do Some GM Trucks Have Electrical Issues?

Dirty fuses in a fuse box
Dirty fuses

If it looks like the fuses in the fuse box under the hood are covered in oil or grease, there may be an issue with the fuses.

Mouse nest in a GM fuse box
Mouse nest in a GM fuse box

Rodents can put nests in the passage way that leads into the fuse box and contaminate the fuses. These contaminants and nests can cause corrosion and major electrical problems. Insulation, for example, may collect moisture.

The top may be contaminated but the main issue lies underneath the fuses. The circuit board has many connectors that support electrical current. If there is a circuit issue, the fuses are supposed to blow. Rodents may also chew the wires underneath or in other places.

How to Fix Common Electrical Problems on Your Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, or another GM Truck

Insulation from a mouse nest - a common gm electrical problem
Insulation from a mouse nest

If there is a nest, check the condition of the electrical wires. Check the wires for tearing, splitting, or other signs of damage since the rodent may have been hungry and chewed them. This wiring could ground out and cause resistance.

A common reason for GM electrical problems - damaged fuse box wire
Damaged fuse box wire

Cleaning it out may remove some of the contaminants. If the circuitry or the wires underneath are damaged, the entire fuse box assembly will need to be replaced.

GM Vehicles that May Experience These Electrical Problems

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GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado Electrical Problems? Fix GM Fuse Issues
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  1. well my 2007 chevy 2500 has an issues where the ABS light comes and the wiper bladed turn on by them self, once that happens as soon as i put the truck in park it will not go back into gear, also if i turn the truck off it wont start, no crank nothing,
    i have to disconnect the battery to reset the system,

  2. Help. My 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 is discharging on the gauge. Battery went down, I charged up,took to Battery store. They said alternator is fine as well as battery. When everything is turned off I can hear some small motor running in the dash I was wondering if anyone had any comments or ideas what I need to do .thank you

  3. 2017 GMC Sierra SLT –When I push the door lock button on the driver’s door, it locks all doors except the door behind the driver. Sometimes it also causes the truck to not be able to be started.

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