Grand Cherokee’s Can Fly Just Like The General Lee

Can’t see the video?  Here is the link

Whenever you combine Jeeps and sand pits, you end up with a touch of danger and a whole lot of awesomeness.  This video, which is truly unmatched on several levels, will prove exactly that.  It also proves that Grand Cherokees can elegantly fly through the air just like the General Lee once did. Well done boys, well done.

Jeremy Nutt

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3 thoughts to “Grand Cherokee’s Can Fly Just Like The General Lee”

  1. We did that in high school with a 1990(ish) Ford Escort at a local dirt bike track. It could clear 50 ft tables and was finally demised on a step up jump when it landed hard on the front and all the engine mounts all broke. whoops.

    1. I have heard Escorts of that vintage are excellent for jumping, as long as you brace the shock mounts. Davesfarm had video of a particularly excellent Escort jump on YouTube. Sadly I cannot watch that video or this one at work due to blocks.

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