Kyle Busch Loses License For 45 Days

Race car driver or not the law is the law and must be abided by. Kyle Busch went to court on Tuesday from the violation that he had received on May 24th while taking a Lexas sports car out for a test drive with his wife.During his test ride Kyle was clocked at 128-mph in a 45-mph zone which was in a residential area in Mooresville N.C.

Kyle reported to N.C. district court for Iredell County, where he pleaded no contest to careless and reckless driving. Judge H. Thomas Church, gave Busch a 30 day suspended jail sentence in which if Kyle doesn’t receive any other driving infractions within a year he will not have to go to jail.

He also lost his license for 45 days,  had to pay a $1000.00 fine and was ordered to do 30 hours of community service with the B.R.A.K.E.S teen safe driving program.

Kyle apologized for his actions and said that “Obviously I had a lack of judgement and just made a mistake”.

5 thoughts to “Kyle Busch Loses License For 45 Days”

  1. In a 45mph zone, 65 is a lack of judgement and a mistake. Been there, done that, got the ticket. 128mph in a 45 is just…. I have no words, and no respect for someone that would do that.

    I am curious why his wife let him go that fast. My wife has far more sense than I do when my foot takes over the throttle, and has saved me from two potentially bad overspeed situations. Have to take a deep breath and remember that the ricer punks are just jealous of my car and passenger.

  2. I know i made some mistakes, But boy going 128 mph in a 45? Gee I may be older than he is but my mother would give me a whipping like you wouldn’t belives. I am glad nobody got hurt or even killed. Next time get your little head pulled out of your rear!!

  3. If any one has ever listened to KB after a race, you know that ITS NOT HIS FAULT. I really don’t believe he didn’t say something like, “I would have been driving slower but my WIFE MADE ME DO IT”.

    He is such a whiner… I can’t stand him.

    Injustice: He looses his lisence for 45 days, $1K and 30 hours. If you or I got caught doing this do you think the judge would say the same? Hey Judge, how about him getting kicked off THE TRACK for that same 45 days?!?!? Hit’m where it hurts!

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