Here is That Car err… Fire Truck You Wanted?

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and they also say that nobody will ever love your car as much as you do.  A more perfect example of both of these sayings could not have been found before today.  Without further adieu, I now  present to you … drumroll … this truck-car-thingy-ma-do that I spotted on eBay.  The project initially started with a pretty fancy looking V12 Seagrave fire truck engine that makes a neck snapping 202 horsepower and 375 foot pounds of torque. The engine by itself is really a nice piece of machinery and apparently runs like a top.  Unfortunately for that beautiful engine, it was then surrounded by the strangest selection of mismatched parts that any one human could have imagined.

When I say “mismatched”, I don’t mean a small block Chevy in a Ford.  I’m talking about a real deal, straight up, automotive cornucopia.  I’m seeing an extended cab S10 truck cab, C-130 Cargo Plan steering wheel, a dually rear axle, Prowler fenders, and a few Jaguar parts to round things out.  It’s no surprise that these parts don’t sum up to a work of art.  No.  The surprising thing is that this 6 wheeled bounty of parts appears to be assembled with genuine skill.  Seriously!  Normally when you see something as “art-car-esque”, it is mostly held together with hot glue, gaffers tape, and sheer will power.  This vehicle though, this thing is different.  For every part that you don’t think belongs on this truck, there are 2 nicely hand crafted pieces of aluminum, fiberglass, or steel.  The whole thing just doesn’t add up in my head.

Luckily for me, I won’t have to think about it too long because this rolling question mark is way out of my price range at a mind bending $45,000. There are currently 6 bidders that have gotten the auction price up to a bodacious  9 dollars and 7 cents.  As you can imagine, the reserve has not be met yet.  My guess is that it has a ways to go.  So now it’s up to you.  Buy it?  Dream about it?  Build your own?  The world is your oyster, build whatever makes you happy.

All images borrowed from eBay Item # 300563639260

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4 thoughts to “Here is That Car err… Fire Truck You Wanted?”

  1. Does the second set of front tires even touch the ground? I would look more in depth but it makes me vomit.

    1. No, the second set does not touch the ground. They are apparently strictly for show purposes, or possibly flotation devices if it is ever sunk in a river.

  2. This should be called Fire Car Truck, Haha! Buy it? No, am not planning to buy it. Dream about it? This is out of the context. Build your own? Oh yeah, will definitely want to build my own than spend $45,000.

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