How Often to Change Wiper Blades? It Depends on the Symptoms

If you’re wondering how often to change your wiper blades, our mechanic explains in the video below why bad wiper blade symptoms should determine when they’re replaced, rather than how long they’ve gone without being changed. Watch now:

When Should I Change My Truck, SUV Or Car’s Wiper Blades?

When to replace wiper blades: Learn how to diagnose the symptoms of bad wiper blades

Although a common answer to “How often to change wiper blades?” is about every 6-12 months, we recommend replacing your wiper blades if you notice any of the following symptoms:

Learn how to diagnose the symptoms of bad wiper blades

  1. Your wiper blades are streaking on the windshield

    If your wipers are unevenly worn, they won’t touch the windshield completely and will leave streaks.

  2. You hear noticeable squeaking when your wiper blades are on

    As your wipers get older, the materials they’re made of begin to harden, which eventually causes the wipers to squeak.

  3. When you visually inspect your wiper blades, you find cracks or splits in the rubber

    If the wiper blades have cracks or splits in the rubber, they will not clean the windshield properly.

  4. The wipers skip across the windshield when they’re running

    Wiper blades that go unused for long periods of time can develop a curvature that prevents them from making proper contact with the windshield.

If yours have any of these signs, it’s time to replace your wiper blades.

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Watch these videos for more help:

Need help replacing your bad wiper blades? Our mechanics walk you through removing your old ones and installing new ones in videos like the following. You can find videos specific to your year, make, and model in our video library.

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