How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

If you bring your pet in your car, they can shed all over the seats. Hairs can embed in the seat cushion and carpet, and sometimes a vacuum isn’t effective at removing all of them. This video and post reviews how to remove dog hair from a car seat with a few different methods.

Video: How to Remove Pet Hair from Your Car

How to Get Dog Hair out of Your Car Seats and Carpet


Removing dog hair from a car seat with a vacuum

If there isn’t too much dog hair, a vacuum might pick it all up, but a vacuum alone might not get all the hair and other debris like sand in the seat and carpet. There are alternative methods if dog hair is still all over the car seats.

Lint Roller or Tape

Removing dog hair from a car seat with tape

A lint roller or wrapping tape around your hand might also work, especially for picking up hair in difficult spots, but if the seat is covered with hair, it will take a long time and you might not scoop up all the pet hair.

Pumice Stone

Pumice stone

A pumice stone is a stone that can be used for cleaning fabric, and it can be quite effective at removing dog hair. You will just need to slide the stone and lift and shake the hair loose. Then collect the hair in one section and remove it with a vacuum.

The stone can damage and frizz the material out of the carpet, which can’t just be pressed back down, if the stone is pressed down too hard when removing the hair.

Make sure you use a pumice stone specifically made for cleaning these surfaces.

How to Prevent Dog Hair from Getting All Over the Seats


A blanket can definitely add some protection to the seat but it might not fully protect it. If the blanket slides or loosens and a section of the seat is exposed, it can end up collecting a lot of pet hair. While a seat cover will likely add more protection than a blanket and will fasten to the seat more securely, a blanket could add some protection to the car seat that could be otherwise exposed to your pet’s hair.

Seat Covers

Seat covers can cover a large portion of the seat and, instead of needing to clean the seats, you can remove the cover and vacuum it. You may not remove all of the hair from the seat cover, but it will protect the seat and most if not all of the hair will need to be removed from the cover instead of the seat.

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