How to Increase the Chevy Avalanche’s Bed Size

The Chevy Avalanche is similar to a truck and SUV combined, and its bed size is small, measuring in at a little bit more than 5 feet deep. This can fit some objects but not very large ones. This guide and video reviews how to expand the Chevy Avalanche’s bed size to move larger objects, like a ladder.

How to Expand the Chevy Avalanche’s Bed Size

Chevy avalanche bed

The Chevy Avalanche’s bed size is around 5 feet, but it can be expanded. You can expand the bed to 8 feet from the tailgate to the back of the seats. This means you may be able to fit objects larger than 5 feet.

Unfortunately, this also means the back window has to be open, which isn’t ideal if it’s raining or snowing, or if you need to drive on the highway. Your truck also won’t be locked if you need to make a stop.

Steps to Expand the Chevy Avalanche’s Bed Size

  1. Flip up the seats and slide the backs down

    Flip the bottom of the seats so they are pressed against the back of the driver and passenger seat. Then slide the back of the seats down to the floor.

  2. Loosen the clamps and remove the window

    Loosen the clamps on the window and remove it. Then place it into the wall that’s designed to hold it, and secure it by turning the knobs.

  3. Flip the wall down

    Flip the wall down to protect the window and expand the size of the bed. Once the wall is down, you’ll have an extra three feet of space, plus the space created with the seats down.

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  1. If you leave the bed cover on and leave the window in you can just open the lower part. Transport a good-sized stack of drywall or large items even in the rain.

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