How to Prevent Rust on Your Car

To prevent rust on your car can you wash it regularly, keep it clean, clear any drain plugs, and attack any surface rust. This article and video reviews how to prevent rust from growing on your car or truck, especially GM vehicles like the Suburban, Tahoe, and even the Escalade.

How to Prevent Surface Rust on Your Car, Truck, or SUV

It’s common for cars to rust on the surface, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors in inclement weather. Rust collecting near the wheel well is also a common problem on Chevy Suburbans, Tahoes, and some Silverados, as well as GMC models like the GMC Sierra and even the Cadillac Escalade.

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1. Fix Any Surface Rust

How to Fix Surface Rust

If there is surface rust on the vehicle, it can be fixed by being sanded down to the metal, cleaned, adding filler, and repainting it with primer, paint, and clear coat.

  1. Sand the rust down
  2. Use filler
  3. Touch it up with primer, paint, and clear coat

2. Clear Drain Holes

Steps for Preventing Rust on Your Car

  1. Clean the Drain Holes Behind the Rocker Panel

    Clean relief drain holes behind the rocker panel. If they are clogged, water can collect and cause rust. Clean and remove any debris from them

  2. Remove the Wheel Well Liner

    Loosen and remove the wheel well liner from the wheel well

  3. Remove the Plug from Behind the Rocker Panel

    Remove the clean up plug with a small screwdriver

  4. Spray Water into the Panel and Rust Areas to Clean Debris

    Once a year, in the spring after salt is removed from the roads, remove the wheel well, pry off the plug, and clean out any dirt or debris from behind the wheel well.

    Place a hose into the hole and spray inside to remove any debris until clean water flows out of the relief holes.

    Spray the rust out from the punctured area, which will reduce it from spreading quickly after the debris is removed. Then rain water can drain out and not collect and cause surface rust.

  5. Keep the Plug Out and Let the Area Dry

    Keep a plug out for a few days and drive on dry days so the area cleans out

3. Wash Your Car Regularly

Washing you car regularly will remove debris and other elements from the paint that can chip or fade it and create an opportunity for rust. Applying clear coat will also add another layer of protection.

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How to Prevent Rust on a Car - Expert Tips - 1A Auto
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