Leather Car Seat Repair

3 Ways to Fix Cracked, Torn, and Scratched Leather Car Seats

Leather seats can wear out over time. They can fade, crack, and tear with age and use. There are a few ways you can fix them when this happens. This post reviews 3 different ways to perform a leather car seat repair: bring it a to a professional, buy a leather repair kit, or buy and install a patch.

3 Ways to Repair a Cracked Leather Car Seat

Leather car seat with a torn seam

1. Bring the Torn Seat to a Professional

If the seat needs to be stitched, requires too much DIY work, or maybe you want it reupholstered, consider bringing it to a professional. A professional can fix broken leather seats in ways that a kit can’t, and for work like stitching it may not cost much.

2. Purchase a Repair Kit and DIY

Torn leather seat

A repair kit can help you touch up and repair smaller tears and scratches. They can help you cover these rips quickly and easily so they are hardly visible and keep from tearing further. They are usually easy to use and come with instructions.

Different kits exist for different tears, and some will have what you need for stitching a crack while others can seal a crack with adhesive.

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3. Apply a Patch to the Torn Seat

A patch is a quick and easy way to cover a tear. While the seat may not look brand new after it’s installed, it can cover the tear, reduce wear, and extend the life of the seat.

Steps for Applying an Adhesive Patch

  1. Place the Patch over the Tear

    Slowly remove the adhesive and gently press the patch on smoothly and evenly as the adhesive is removed to secure the patch

  2. Remove the Rest of the Adhesive and Press the Patch Fully on

    Repeat the step above until the adhesive is removed and the patch sticks smoothly to the seat

  3. Let the Patch Sit for 24 Hours

    Let the patch sit for 24 hours so it can completely adhere to the leather seat

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