How and When to Use the Tow/Haul Mode

The tow/haul button can give vehicles more horsepower and torque. To find out how the tow/haul button works and how it can give your vehicle more pep, follow the steps in this article and video. Our mechanic Len reviews how and when to use the tow/haul mode.

How and When to Use the Tow/Haul Mode on Your Vehicle

When to Use the Tow/Haul Mode

The tow/haul mode uses more fuel. It’s best to use this mode for when the vehicle needs extra horsepower or torque, like when towing or plowing. Activating this mode for everyday driving or consistent highway driving will reduce the vehicle’s normal fuel economy.

How to Use the Tow/Haul Button

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Steps for How to Use the Tow/Haul Button

  1. While Driving, Push the Tow/Haul Button

    The transmission will shift to a different range of gears when the tow/haul button is pressed. It will change the transmission’s shiftability and use all of the engine’s cylinders to help the vehicle cruise along and give it more pep.

    When the button is pressed, the revolutions per minute (RPMs) will read higher than usual and engine power will increase.

  2. For Extra Power off the Line, Press the Traction Control Button at the Same Time

    Press the traction control button, which looks like a car skidding over the words “OFF” at the same time as the tow/haul button for a little extra power and pep. This will disengage the traction control system, preventing the system from transferring power to the other wheels if one slips and allowing you to get that extra push.

  3. Notice When the Vehicle Indicates It Is Ready for Tow/Haul Mode

    A light on the dash will indicate the vehicle is ready for tow/haul mode.

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