If you had this car: What would you do with it?

Over the weekend I came across a vehicle that was clearly built for ultimate world domination.  It is so tough and burly looking that it would likely make Chuck Norris nervous.  I would imagine it was built for delivering mail or something very mundane, but I guarantee that somewhere in it’s exhausted memory, it has some great stories to tell.  It would be impossible to own a vehicle like this and not test its limits (of which there likely aren’t any).

If I were to buy this as an early birthday present to myself, and it wasn’t irreplaceable, I would take it through mud, lots of it.  Not shallow mud, the really nasty deep stuff, at high speeds.  When I am done driving the beast, I would want to have a mud line near my elbows at a minimum.  I want to get home, and have somebody think that the skunk ape just broke into the house.   If I can’t find any mud, I would want to cruise up to a drive-up window with a top hat on like everything is 100% ordinary, and order a delicious iced coffee. Then cruise away leaving the drive-up window people wondering if they just had a really messed up dream.

What would YOU do with it?

Jeremy Nutt

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5 thoughts to “If you had this car: What would you do with it?”

  1. Minnisnota delivery eh, youses guys, don’t cha know! for oot’n’aboot in duh snow not duh mud.
    Well I would keep her as a trailer queen ’till someone offered me enough to part with it!

  2. Parades. Throw some kids in the back keep the skis on (but out of the way), put a sign for some local business or non-profit on the side, and away you go! Something like that, you want it to be seen, and there’s no better way!

  3. I think this could be fun to race up Pikes Peak, assuming the air restrictions would haven any major effects on it. Does anyone know what a vehicle like this is worth?

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