Jeremy Clarkson, His Books, and The United Kingdom Location.

Pop Quiz:

1) Do you watch Top Gear UK?

2) Do you enjoy Jeremy Clarkson style humor?

3) Do you know the difference between the UK, Great Britain, and England?

If you answered “yes” to number 1 & 2 above, you will definitely enjoy this book.  If you answered “no” to question 3, don’t worry about it, we’ll cover that in a few minutes.  I’ll save you from lying when somebody asks you if you know the difference.

The Book:

I was recently in a used book store (so what?), and I spotted a copy of “Motorworld” by Jeremy Clarkson for $2. My first thought was: “Jeremy Clarkson writes books? How did I not know this?” I grabbed it and hoped it wouldn’t be a giant letdown like my 59 ounce “half gallon” bottle of orange juice.  I got the book home and flipped through a page or two to get a little taste of what it was like.  Hysterical gasping-for-air laughter ensued, and before long, I was done with half the book.  What I’m getting at is that it’s a pretty flippin’ funny book if you read it with Jeremy Clarkson’s sarcasm and panache.  It’s covers Jeremy’s thoughts on 12 places around the world that build cars, yes, even Detroit. It’s rich to say the least.  Grab it online for cheap cash monies if you get the chance, it’s worth your time.

Now The World:

While reading this book and watching TGUK, I often find myself (embarrassingly) saying “I have absolutely no clue where in the world these guys are”.  I mean I knew that they were in between the United States and Russia, and probably close to Ireland.  However,  as far as UK vs. England vs. Great Britain, I was lost worse than a out-of-state’r in Boston.  Let’s dig in deeper so that we all can act smarter.

First let’s see where the United Kingdom is located compared to the United States.  You will see the United Kingdom is the big island just to the right of Ireland and just above France.

Now let’s zoom ourselves in a bit and see what’s going on over there in the UK.  Hey look! The Isle of Man is that little island in the center of the screen! Sweet!  That’s where all that motorcycle racing is.  You know, the one where they average like 1000 mph over 2 days or something ludicrous. Good stuff.

The United Kingdom: is the big island here.  The UK does not include Ireland (The land BELOW the white stripe on the left in this picture), but it does include the land ABOVE that white stripe.

Great Britain: is basically the United Kingdom, but not including any part of Ireland’s main island.  So that land above the white stripe is not part of GB. Easy enough right?

England: is the biggest country in the UK.  England is sort of the bottom half of Great Britain, minus Wales. Where’s Wales you ask? Take your imaginary pen and draw a line from Liverpool to Birmingham to Cardiff.  While not perfect, that area on the left side of the big island is the general area of Wales, which is not part of England.

This website explains it pretty well if you are still confused.

Let’s Review:

– Jeremy Clarkson is very entertaining and he writes books.

– Orange Juice is following the ice cream train.  Smaller container, same/higher price.

– The United Kingdom encompasses Great Britain & England, but England is the biggest country in the UK.

The End

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  1. Clarkson got his start in newspapers. He still writes a weekly column for the London Times, which unfortunately went to a subscription site this past year.

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