Just a Twin Turbo Fairlane 500

In the warmer months, I find myself sauntering around car shows quite a bit. It keeps me motivated on my automotive projects, gives me some great ideas, and I often meet great people. One car that I have seen several times over the past couple of years is this 63-64? Fairlane 500 with a twin turbocharged 5.0L nestled under the hood. This sort of thing always brings a smile to my face because it’s soooo outside the box, and most likely disturbingly fast. Both of which I happen to appreciate greatly.

That said, I have absolutely no details on this car other than what you see in the pictures.  I can tell you that it appears to be a 5.0L fox body mustang engine with a couple turbos hanging off it.  It’s gotta have some kind of aftermarket ECU (megasquirt? AEM?) because well….it’s injected, and the owner has extra sensors wired up for measuring temperatures on the inlet and outlet of the intercooler. Most factory ECU’s can’t handle additional inputs.  Anywho, with that, I give leave you with this. An absolutely killer Fairlane 500 with an engine to match.

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4 thoughts to “Just a Twin Turbo Fairlane 500”

  1. As the owner of a daily-driven 64 Fairlane 500, I’m torn on this car. While I could definitely appreciate the additional power of a turbocharged 5.0 over my nearly stock 260 V8, I think dropping in a motor from the 80s does nothing but hurt the aesthetics of this car. I would be pumped to floor it, but embarrassed to pop the hood.

    Those 5.0 motors may be fast, but they’re about as ugly as a fox body Mustang. Just think of what a stroked 351, 390 or even a 427 or 428 CJ would do to that thing – looks and performance. Something you can’t squeeze out of a 5.0

    1. That’s not a Fox Mustang intake, stock or aftermarket; it’s a truck version Ford intake and looks like an early version, like ’86 or so. From the factory the intake throat was split (86-96 F-series) so I would guess that intake is more convenient for plumbing two turbos into.

      Looks are all a matter of personal opinion and I’ve never heard a motor described as “ugly”. Perhaps what you don’t like is fuel injection? If you want to see a sexy EFI intake for a 302 Windsor, check out BBK’s SSI intake, as seen at the link below.


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