Lexus LFA Can Shatter Glass With Pure Awesomeness.

Lexus LFA

The Lexus LFA has been somewhat elusive since it popped up on the scene as a concept in 2005.  However, Lexus has been abusing it on the track and improving upon it for the last few years while you weren’t paying attention.  It is now rumored that 500 of them will be built for the 2010 model year.  This rumor is becoming so real that Lexus even made a commercial to prove the car really works.  It isn’t another boooring brand new super car doing burnouts though, they brought science to the game this time.  I imagine people were all like (tiny voice) “I want to see the new LFA fo-real!”, and they were all (in a deep voice) “Fine we’ll break some stuff with the sound of our amazing exhaust”.

From my perspective, it has all the necessary features of a car that I will never be able to afford.  Let’s check em’ out!

– Built by Lexus? = Check!
– V10 engine? = Oh Yea!
– 9000 rpm redline? = Uh Huh!
– Factory launch control? = Weeee!
– Carbon Fiber Body? = wut.
– Really economical price? = Sorry, that will not be available for you at this time or ever.
– Steering wheel mounted start button? = Vrrrroooomba!
– Engine sounds tuned & directed into the interior? = Brrraaattt dat dat dat dat dat Vrooom! Bratttt dat dat dat dat….

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