Lincoln Mark VIII: Stink Buggin’

Between 1993 and 1998, Lincoln made two generations of the Mark VIII.  The first gen was 1993-96 and the second was 1997-98.  I always thought that they were a very underrated car, because there was much greatness hiding under their skin.

Being a rear wheel drive was the most obvious great quality, but they also had an all aluminum, 32 valve 4.6L that pushed out 280 ish horsepower and about the same amount of torque.  The power went through an automatic (hey, no car is without faults, Lincoln wasn’t doing manuals at the time.), and sent the power through its independent rear suspension.  It had enough electronics to make Kitt feel inadequate, and a massive futuristic curved dashboard that flowed into the doors.  They all had 4 wheel disc brakes, and they even ran 15 second quarter mile times in stock form.  Not too bad for a relatively heavy car right?

Then there was the computer controlled air suspension; a true blessing and a curse.  It self adjusted depending on your driving conditions, which was fantastic, until the moment it broke.  At that point, it “Stink Bugged” itself and announced to the world that it had an identity crisis. The rear air ride launched itself into extreme 4×4 mode, and the front slammed low enough to get you invited into a Lowrider car club. Driving it became not only uncomfortable for all participants, but a real struggle to hold yourself in the seat. Fun for kids, but not so much for adults.

As you can see these cars are full of great ideas and great parts. When all the pieces are working in unison, you have yourself comfortable, luxurious surroundings, and hidden performance when you put your foot down.  If you are hard core, you could always strip out the interior, bolt on a supercharger and have a serious drag strip thrasher for the weekends?

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  1. Ha!, the neighbors kid ‘stink-bugged’ and stuck his grandmas’ Lincoln which she drove that way for several days before getting it fixed! Guess she liked the improved gas mileage, running down hill all the time…

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