Loose Heat Shield That’s Rattling and Clanking Under the Hood?

A loose heat shield can cause a rattling and clanking under the hood that can be heard while driving. If your heat shield is loose, you’ll want to tighten it to quiet the noise. Find out two ways you can fix a loose heat shield with tips from our expert mechanic Sue.

2 Ways to Fix a Loose and Rattling Heat Shield

Mechanic removing a loose heat shield

Why Is My Heat Shield Loose and Rattling?

Loose heat shield

The heat shield protects surrounding parts from excess heat that the engine and exhaust emits. Parts of the heat shield like the welding can break, and the brackets can rot and eventually deteriorate the bolts. Once the heat shield is less secure, it’s more free to rattle and make a ruckus.

Can I Remove the Heat Shield and Not Replace It?

The heat shield is there to protect other parts like the radiator. Removing the heat shield will allow heat radiate and damage surrounding parts.

New bolt on a rattling heat shield
New bolt on a rattling heat shield

How to Fix a Loose, Rattling Heat Shield

Two methods on how to fix a loose and rattling heat shield

  1. Clamp a Metal Clamp to Secure the Heat Shield

    A metal hose clamp might make for a good temporary fix but it might also break after 2 weeks to a month. The heat can snap it in half.

    Read more on how to fix a rattling heat shield with hose clamps

  2. Remove the Heat Shield and Install New Bushings and Bolts

    Remove the Heat Shield
    The bolts may heat and deteriorate, the welding can break, and the back can rot and break the bolts from all the heat. If the bolts haven’t broken, you can add a bolt and washer to both sides to secure the heat shield.

    If the bolts aren’t completely destroyed, remove the heat shield to install new spacers, washers, and bolts.

    Find New Bushings, Washers, and Bolts
    Find materials to create a spacer and washer, like the top rubber from a left over shock absorber. Secure the rubber bushing to the heat shield by putting high temp RTV on both sides of the bushing. Place a washer over the bushing to protect it, and place a washer on the other side of the shield.

    Reinstall the Heat Shield
    Then put the heat shield in place and tighten the bolt to secure it. Attach double washers to the heat shield to keep the heat from affecting the new bushings.

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