Nissan 350Z Highway Wreck

It isn’t often that a real life car wreck between two pretty nice cars gets caught on camera and posted for the world to see. Unfortunately for these Nissan 350Z drivers, it did. I recommend that BEFORE you watch the video, you mute your volume. Then watch it over again with the volume up. I did this and it gave me two totally different views on what exactly happened here. Whatever the case may be, it looks like they both need quite a bit of work before they are shiny again.

Want to see the aftermath?  You can see the Black 350Z Here and the Silver 350Z Here and Here. Not pretty, that’s for sure. Click them while you still can!

Video originally posted on VWVortex by “pentaxshooter”

Jeremy Nutt

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5 thoughts to “Nissan 350Z Highway Wreck”

  1. Mike,
    You’re a funny guy! I got a good chuckle out of that. Why do ya think the guy in the silver Z decided to turn left – got busy texting and lost track of where he was?

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