How to Use a Digital Multimeter

Picture of mechanic using a digital multimeter

Multimeters, also known as voltmeters and ohmmeters, are multi-purpose instruments that can help test and diagnose the condition and charge of electrical components. There are expensive and inexpensive multimeters that are capable of different functions and settings. This article describes how to use a digital multimeter and how to set up some of its different functions to check voltage (volts), circuits, continuity, resistance (ohms), and current/amperage (amps).

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Automatic Door Not Working?

If the automatic door is not working on your minivan, for example, it doesn’t automatically open or close after you pull the door handle, or it isn’t fully closing after automatically closing, a part or wire may be malfunctioning. This post explains how to diagnose an automatic door not working with an advanced scan tool, multimeter, or test light.

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Learn How to Fix Power Mirrors

If a function on a power mirror is not working, like the mirror adjustment, there could be a few causes like the circuit, wires, mirror control switch, or the power mirror itself. This post explains how to fix power mirrors not working properly on your car or truck to find out if the switch or another part is the cause.

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8th Gen Honda Accord Problems

Common 8th Gen Accord Problems 2008 to 2012

picture of 8th gen honda accord

The 8th gen Accord was released in the United States in 2008. It was longer and wider than its predecessor and was considered an executive car according to EPA standards. Like any other make and model, it has a few issues that are unique to it. 

The list provided below highlights the top 5 common problems that we’ve encountered in the 8th Gen Accord. Most of them are normal maintenance issues. They do not in any way mean that the Accord is a bad vehicle. Let’s dive in.

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Why is My ABS Light On But My Brakes Seem Fine?

How to diagnose a wheel speed sensor

What Does the ABS Light Mean?

When your ABS warning light comes on, it means something within the antilock braking system is malfunctioning. You may see the ABS warning light come on or notice a difference in the way your brakes perform. Sometimes the ABS warning light may illuminate even when your brakes work fine. 

This often means that the hardware that makes up your braking system is working well. The problem may lie with the sensors that activate the antilock braking system. In this case, the most likely culprit is an ABS wheel-speed sensor on one of the wheels. Here’s a guide on how you can diagnose and fix one or more wheel speed sensors. 

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How to Diagnose ABS Wheel Speed Sensors

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How to Fix a Broken Wire

Sometimes fluids like oil can dry and break the protective sheath on wires over time. Wires can also melt and get damaged in other ways that leave them exposed and require them to be replaced before they cause problems with the part they are connected to. This post explains how to fix a broken wire that needs to be cut and replaced in a car by using a wire stripper and crimper tool, new wire, butt splices, heat shrinks, a lighter, electrical tape, and a wire loom.

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How to Replace Chewed, Broken, Melted, Exposed, or Damaged Electrical Wires

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How to Pass an Emissions Readiness Test


Some vehicles can fail a state inspection because their emissions readiness monitors had a “not ready” or “incomplete” status. Readiness monitors can have these statuses for a few different reasons and can appear after disconnecting the battery or clearing trouble codes from the computer.

Read on or watch the video below to learn how to check your readiness monitors to pass an emissions readiness test.

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