Transmission Slipping: Signs and Symptoms

If you have a transmission slipping, signs and symptoms can appear, like your car or truck engine will rev but not move or your car won’t accelerate and the RPMs are high. Learn a fix for a slipping transmission and how to prevent it with these tips from our expert mechanic Sue.

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Flashing Check Engine Light and Car Shaking? DIY Tips to Fix an Engine Misfire

If you have a flashing check engine light and a car shaking from the engine, you can test for an engine misfire with these tips. You’ll find out what to do if this happens, how to test the engine yourself with a spark tester, and why it’s important not to ignore this issue.

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Car Whining When Turning? Power Steering Fluid Leak?

If your car is whining when turning, diagnose it with these tips from our expert mechanics. Find out how to check the power steering system for a fluid leak and what to look for if your car is making a whining noise when turning or leaking fluid.

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Bad Control Arm Bushing Symptoms: Clunking Noise from Your Car

If you hear a clunking or banging noise from the front or rear of your car, in this article and video we show what parts to check. It’s common for worn wheel bearings, tie rods, and ball joints to cause this kind of problem, but control arm bushings are an often overlooked part. You’ll find out bad control arm bushing symptoms, how to check and replace bushings at the front and rear, how to check your front and rear for this problem, and more with these tips.

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Top 5 BMW X3 Problems: 3rd Generation (2017 to Present)

Learn the top 5 problems with the 3rd gen BMW X3. While there’s nothing particularly wrong with the 2017 to present BMW X3, problems with the valve gasket, blower motor, and more are known to occur. Find out their common symptoms and fixes in this article and video.

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Top 5 Honda Ridgeline Problems: 2nd Generation (2017 to Present)

While there’s no particular issue with the 2nd gen Honda Ridgeline, problems with the fuel injectors, timing belt, and more are known to happen. Here’s the top 5 most common problems with the 2nd generation Honda Ridgeline, years 2017 to present.

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The 1A Auto How-to Videos Car Repair App Is Ready for Downloading

Did you know there’s an app that can help you diagnose problems with your car? If you want to know how to find and fix general, common car problems or ones for specific models, our app can help you with each step. The 1A Auto app has over 15,000 how-to videos. You’ll be able to easily navigate and diagnose parts by your senses, check engine light OBD-II codes, and more for free!

What Is 1A Auto’s App Useful for?

To Empower You with 1A Auto’s How-to Videos

1A Auto’s car repair app will empower you to do your own car repairs. If you run into problems with your car, like an abnormal noise or smell, a check engine light, performance issues, and many more, you can use our app to diagnose and fix them yourself. You’ll be able to search by the symptoms you’re experiencing and narrow down 1A Auto’s library of over 15,000 how-to videos to ones related to your problem.

From there, you can follow the tips or step-by-step instructions in our videos from our expert mechanics and start working on this problem yourself.

You can search by:

  • Your year, make, and model
  • Your senses — seeing, hearing, feeling, or smelling
  • Check engine light codes
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