Power Window Not Working on the Passenger Side or Driver Side?

If your power windows are not working on the driver or passenger side, the causes of the window not working could be the fuse, wires, switch, or the power window motor. This guide and video reviews what to do if your power window is stuck, and how you can fix it yourself.

How to Fix a Passenger or Driver-Side Power Window Not Working in 3 Steps

Power windows not working

Steps to fix a passenger or driver-side power window not working

  1. Test the Fuses with a Test Light

    Check the fuses with a test light. You can find the fuses related to the power windows on the back of the fuse box cover. Insert the prong into each divot on the top of the fuse and check for power on both sides of the fuse. If the fuses have power, move on to checking the wires. If a fuse is blown, replace it.

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  2. Check the Wires Leading to the Power Window Switch

    Open the door and look at the wires in the door jamb. You can find them behind a protective boot. Since the doors open and close so often, wires may break over time. If the boot is broken, exposure to the outside can lead to broken wires. Check the wires on the driver and passenger side doors.

    If the wires are broken or torn, you can fix it by connecting broken wire with a butt connector.

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  3. Check the Window Switch and Window Motor

    If the fuses and wires are in good condition and the parts are getting power, the problem might be with the window switch. Usually if the problem is with one window it might be the window motor. If the problem is with more than one window, it’s likely the window switch. You can tell if the switch or the window motor is the problem with a test light.

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Power Window Not Working on the Passenger Side or Driver Side? - 1A Auto
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Power Window Not Working on the Passenger Side or Driver Side? - 1A Auto
This article and video reviews how to diagnose and fix a power window not working on the passenger or driver side of your vehicle in 3 steps.
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