Bolt Stuck in a Shock Bushing? How to Remove Rusted Shock Bolts

If you’re trying to remove the shock, and the bolt is stuck in the shock bushing, find out some methods on how to remove rusted, stuck shock bolts yourself in this article and video.

How to Remove a Rusted Bolt Stuck in a Shock Bushing

Bolt stuck in a shock bushing

You might be replacing your shocks and noticed the bottom bolt is rusted, won’t loosen, and is stuck in the shock bushing. The bolt may have rusted over time from moisture and the bushing swelled, making it difficult to remove the bolt. You don’t want to heat the bolt up because the shock is pressurized with gas, but there are some methods you can try.

How to Remove a Rusted Bolt Stuck in a Shock Bushing

  1. Tap the Rusted Bolt Loose with a Hammer

    You can try to tap it loose with a hammer, but this might not loosen the bolt from the rubber.

  2. Spray Rust Penetrant and Let It Soak Overnight

    You could spray rust penetrant into the area and let the bolt soak overnight or even for a couple nights. This could loosen it up, but you may not have time to do this.

  3. Chisel It Forward from the Backside with an Air Hammer

    You could chisel the bolt forward from the backside with an air hammer, but it may still not move.

  4. Remove the Stuck, Rusted Bolt with a Pitman Arm Pulley

    You could take a puller and remove the bolt with a pitman arm puller and air hammer.

    This might remove the shock, but the bushing might also still stick to the rusted bolt with the shock removed.

  5. If the Bushing Remains Stuck to the Bolt, Remove It with a Cutting Blade, Hammer, and Chisel

    You could heat up the bushing to loosen it and remove it but this also increases risk of damage to surrounding parts like the knuckle.

    Take a cutting blade and slice down the bushing. It may smell once the rubber part is cut, but keep cutting without cutting the bolt. Cut down far enough to where a hammer and chisel can remove the rest of the bushing, and then you can remove the bolt without damaging it.

  6. Clean the Rust off the Bolt with Rust Penetrant

    It’s okay if you add minor cuts to the bolt, but deeper damage means you’ll need to replace the bolt with a new one.

    If the bolt is rusted, clean it with rust penetrant.

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