The Bodacious Blue Delorean: What’s The Story With It?

Today I received a text message from a friend with a great picture attached.  It was the blue painted Delorean seen here.  Apparently a friend of a friend bought it recently and is going to be stripping the totally tubular 1980’s blue paint off it in the…… future.

I then did a little research on “The Blue Delorean” (how many can there possible be?) and found an eBay listing that flew under the radar a few months ago. eBay Item # 290503186893.

The story goes… (according to the rumors on the internet, so it MUST be true) that John Delorean’s brother wanted a painted one when these things were new.  The problem was that he couldn’t decide which color he wanted.  So the family owned Delorean dealer in Ohio painted a few of them different colors and John’s brother (Mark?) chose the one he liked best.  The rest were sold by the dealer.  Wikipedia tells you that this story is a lie, so who really knows?  All we really know is that sometime in the 1980’s this car was painted bodacious blue.  The car then traveled into the future (Shameless BTTF reference HERE!) and landed on eBay for the world to enjoy.

Here is the eBay story for reference:

“Up for grabs is a uniquely painted 1982 Delorean DMC-12.

This five speed manual transmission car has only 28,500 miles on it. The engine has been remarkably reliable. This vehicle is in driveaway condition just passed its safety inspection in New Hampshire! It has recently gone under an extensive brake restoration to include all new calipers, pads, and front rotors. New front tie rod ends have also been installed. New front tires and alignment. And a new clutch master and clutch slave cylinder. A new battery was also thrown in for good measure. The engine runs very smooth. All the parts have come from Delorean sources (SpecialTAuto, P J Grady, Delorean Performance Industries, and DMC Houston).

This Delorean was painted by the Delorean Family owned dealership in Ohio. The paint is in pretty good shape for being close to 30 years old. There are a few chips and scratches to be expected. Gauges all work. The binnacle area is perfect, and there are no windshield cracks. The interior carpet is ok, but could use a little work. There is an area under the passenger seat where it appears a liquid type air freshener may have been spilled. All door support and trunk support pistons have been upgraded to Grady.
I believe I am the 5th owner of this vehicle and bought it just a few months ago. However, whenever I get a new toy, situations in life dictate that I have to sell them very fast. Its always Murphy’s Law for me. But I have enjoyed it. Its been great to live the dream even if for a little while. I’ve put in all the work to make it drivable and safe. I originally purchased this car on ebay as well – it came from a great enthusiastic owner. I purchased this car for $12,200. The increase in price honestly shows the parts and labor (ALL DOCUMENTED) that I put in to it. I’m simply looking to recoup my original purchase cost, and the work.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I love to talk about the car!”

Like I said, a friend of a friend apparently bought this car, and is intending to strip the paint off and bring this gnarly stainless whip back to the future its former self.  I’m hoping to get some more pictures of this as it progresses.  If I do, you guys will be the first to see it.

What do you guys think? Are you guys lovers of the paint or ready to strip it to the metal right now?

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16 thoughts to “The Bodacious Blue Delorean: What’s The Story With It?”

  1. The real story is that there was a handful of cars at John deloreans brothers Cadilac dealership in Ohio that were not selling. They painted them in hopes to make them more enticing to buyers. This car is a 82 but was not actually sold until 1985. There is also a purple one with the same paint scheme floating around in OH. I just picked this car up for far below the asking price and have already started stripping the paint, it will be completed by next week and will be back to it’s stainless glory!

    1. Rik! Thanks for swinging by here and giving us the details! Got any pictures of it being stripped? I would love to put them up here. After all, it isn’t often that you get to see paint being stripped off a Delorean!

  2. I lived in Columbus Ohio in the early 80’s. When Delorean went bust, a company in Columbus bought the entire reamaining factory inventory and parts. In order to move the cars, he painted quite a few of the bright Red.

  3. The story about the Cadillac dealership is true. My wife bought a Candy Apple Red w/Gold trim DMC82 from that dealership in Cleveland and we still have it. Personally,it is more eye catching than the stainless version, maybe not worth as much, but we are not in it for the $$$, unless of course someone would like to buy a 1982 DMC with 15,000 original miles on it, very good working condition.

  4. Nooooooo! I am the former owner of this car that posted the Ebay article. My lovely Jenna Jameson, please don’t strip the paint. I can not tell you how many complements I recieved over the years about that paint job. It is not a backyard joe schmoe paint job. It was done very well, very professionally, and looks fantastic on the car imho. I know, it is almost blasphemy to say so, but look at it this way. This was a paint job hand picked by a guy with the last name Delorean. Track down the dealership, find who picked it out, and get a notorized statement about the paint job. It will make it a unique car, with proof, in a breed of unique cars.

    Damn shame, nooo Jenna, noo.

  5. and if you leave it blue, please ask me for my number through my email address. This was my dream car that I hated to sell. I would like to be considered if this car ever goes up for sale again. If I can, I will buy it back someday.

  6. Of all the painted DeLoreans I’ve seen, this one is probably my favorite. I was glad to at least see more of it after catching a glimpse on a Google image search(an Ohio license plate with all 0’s?). It’d be a shame if the paint really was stripped! She’s a real beauty in blue with the red stripes!

  7. I wondered if any of you are around Warren Ohio……I am involved in a scavenger hunt and I need to find someone who owns a Delorean and would allow me to take a picture of it….Thanks for your time.

  8. Is there an update with this? There is a red one on my block, and the owner is hesitant to strip the paint off for fear of damaging the underlying steel. Was your friend’s experience in stripping the paint off a positive one? If so, how was it done?


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