Top 10 Videos of 2021

At 1A Auto our mechanics were busy producing lots of new videos in 2021 to help you diagnose what’s wrong with your car or truck. Here is a list of our top 10 most viewed new diagnostic videos on our 1A Auto YouTube Channel.

1. Most Common Brake Installation Mistakes!

2. Stuck Lower Control Arm Bolt Tips #shorts

3. Most Common Strut Installation Mistakes!

4. Think the Chevy Avalanche Truck Bed is Too Small? Check Out This Trick!

5. ABS Light Came On, Brakes Feel Fine! What Do I Do Now?

6. Ticking, Clicking Noise Coming From Your Engine? Diagnosing Collapsed Lifters!

7. Overheating After Replacing Radiator, Pump, Thermostat? Burp Coolant to Remove Air Pockets!

8. Common Mistakes Bleeding Brakes! How to Do a Full Brake Bleed the Right Way, and Why!

9. Shaking, Pulling Steering Wheel? How to Diagnose a Seized Brake Caliper!

10. Power Seat Not Moving? How to Diagnose Power Seat Motors, Switches, and Wires!

One thought to “Top 10 Videos of 2021”

  1. You make great repair videos. Would love to see one on replacing rear window windshield wiper video and windshield washer motor video. Just a thought. Need to do it on my 2000 Chevy Venture. Thanks.

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