Oh Turbo Meyers Manx, You So Crazy…..

Turbocharged Fuel Injected Manx

As I mentioned in yesterday’s Nutts and Bolts blog, I had gone to a car show over the previous weekend and saw a lot of interesting things.  One of the cars that really caught my eye was a heavily modified Meyers Manx.  Typically, I have zero interest in these and skip right over them, but this one had my name written all over it. This guy ran a VW engine, with a turbocharger, and a megasquirt fuel injection system.  Everything was polished, painted, or plated, and it had wheelie bars that looked not only functional, but used.  Does it get better than this is the world of Volkswagen ?  If so, I challenge you to show me, because I don’t believe it.  This is the pinnacle of fun.

Some people tell me that I have a subconscious love for air cooled Volkswagens. I think those people are crazy.

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4 thoughts to “Oh Turbo Meyers Manx, You So Crazy…..”

  1. Yet, as cool as that is! There is the other section of VW that believe something else. I heard a someone say at a car show, commenting on another, “If you ain’t rubbin, you ain’t dubbin.” But what motor head doesn’t like a Turbo toy! Great find!


  2. Wow, I just came across this on google. This is my buggy. Kinda cool to see it on here. I had a fun ride home with 300 plus h.p. (in a car that weighs 1100 pounds) in the pouring rain going home from that show. 🙂

    Yes the watercooled guys are all about lowering there cars. Some aircooled guys just want power. I just want power. I have a methanol injection kit that will be added this winter. Then the fun really begins!


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